After hard work and intensive R&D, we are very proud to present to you our new collection of design switches. With this new collection we are making the link with omnipresent technology in our daily lives. The Lucia switch combines touch-technology with a high ‘fun factor’, maintaining CJC’s strict design in aluminum material. Pleasing to the eye and thanks to its frisky technology you will enjoy the swiping experience every day again.

We gave our new collection the name Lucia, with a nod to the Latin Lux  or Italian Luce, as a reference to the possibility of controlling your lights with Lucia, but also referring to the RGB light incorporated in the touch sensitive bars, which react on your movements and indicate where to touch the switch. The first thing you see when you enter a dark room is a subtle light, coming from the switch. With a simple swipe movement you can instantly create an atmosphere in your home.

Red for heating, blue for airconditioning

We will keep developing our Lucia switch, offering more and more playful and useful features. Lucia will also be available as KNX switch, the worldwide standard for home and building control. Our Lucia KNX switch offers a variety of possibilities. Climat control for example, the colour of the lights in the switch give an indication of the temperature within your house. Red would be a logic choice to indicate the heating and blue could indicate airconditioning status. Moreover multi-touch – a combination of touches – can create certain preprogrammed scenes. 

  • Available in more than 14 high end finishings or RAL-colour.
  • 3 different versions: 1, 2, 4 multitouch surfaces.
  • compatible with universal built-in boxes.
  • 24V versions available as from September 2016. KNX versions will follow shortly.