Lara Flatline

  • Extra thin cover plate (2mm thickness)
  • Multiple combinations up to 4 flat push-buttons
  • Futuristic push-button with optional white feedback-led in every corner and red orientation-led
  • 14 different high end colour finishings or other RAL-colours by choice 
  • 24 volt impulse relay, home automation and KNX 
  • Universal built-in boxes (Carre) and Bticino 503 (Bande)
Choose a combination:

Choose from our 14 standard deviations or deliver a RAL-color yourself

 Alu Natural Anodised Alu Natural Anodised
 Black Bronze Anodised Black Bronze Anodised
 Grey Anodised Grey Anodised
 Brass Anodised Brass Anodised
 Brown Bronze Painted Brown Bronze Painted
 RAL9003 RAL9003
 RAL9011 RAL9011
 Brushed Stainless Steel Brushed Stainless Steel
 Glossy Chromium Glossy Chromium
 Glossy Gold Glossy Gold
 Antique Silver Antique Silver
 Matt Gold Matt Gold
 Red Copper Red Copper
 Antique Bronze Antique Bronze
RAL-color of your choiceRAL-color of your choice