• Different combinations and up to 4 touch sensitive bars
  • Various functions such as clicking, double-clicking, holding down or swiping
  • Colored feedback or orientation light in the transparent bars
  • 14 different high end colour finishings or other RAL-colours by choice
  • 24 volt impulse relay, home automation and KNX
  • Universal built-in boxes (Carre)

1-way version multitouch
1 single touch surface

CJC7201A (KNX)


in universal built-in boxes
with screws horizontal
claws are optional

power supply / wiring / connection 24v version


power supply / wiring / connection KNX version

main power supply 24v – 29v via KNX bus
std. WAGO KNX connector

TH = temperature & humidity sensor
*KNX version available later 2016

Wiring Diagram

download diagram (1 MB)
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